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I know, I know

So everytime I vocalize my "thing" for Alan, the next day things turn around. I suppose if I ever want to eradicate feelings for a person, I can just express those feelings to someone and right away they'll be gone.

But tonight at Wendy's, Alan was REALLY getting on my nerves. Sometimes it seems like he disagrees with me just for the sake of arguing, and it bugs the living poo out of me. And it's always something really stupid and trivial, and even if I prove him wrong he just shakes his head and turns away and SOMEHOW makes it seem like he has won the argument. It makes me want to RIP HIS FACE OFF.

I told my Mom and she said "you're gonna get married."

I think I've changed my mind about that, though. I think I'd kill him if I had to live with him.

But he's still my best friend and I love him like a brother, I just think my "thing" was probably a bad idea anyway.

So Ben and I wrote a song on Friday night, and today we performed it at church. It went really well.

Yeah, look for the upcoming album in stores everywhere this Spring.


Tomorrow = Relient K concert!!! WOOOHHOOOO!!! It's at The Nile, but .. that's ok. Philmore and Bleach will be opening.


Me, Kristen, Jake and Ben will all be going together. Alan is going with one of his friends and they'll be meeting us there. I'm SO excited. I <3 Relient K, but haven't been able to see them live yet.

Oh well, that's your update. :) Tell your Mom you love her today.

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