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One last thing.

I'm sitting here listening to my niece watch her Dora the Explorer video for the third time executively.


I really think I might go crazy.

Anthem won't be back in AZ for a long while, I just discovered. Which kinda bites. You all need to hear Anthem. They rock. Their Song "Day at the Beach" omes on The Effect, 89.9, all the time.. but I don't think many people on my friends list listen to my Jesus music. Oh well.

I'm glad that Anthem is finally getting exposure outside of Arizona, though. :)

Hmmmmwhat else to say?

I don't remember.

Tomorrow I have to go sell water and soda at the parade here in Avondale with the youth group. It's going to be tiring, but part of it is going to Alan and I for our Nazarene Youth Conference trip in July.. which costs about $1350.00. So, I need to help out all I can.

Besides, I'm the Teen council president, you know. I have to represent.

Hah.. represent.

Oh no, I better stop before this gets retarded (moreso).

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