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to lay you down in a bed of roses.

Last night was awful.

I stayed up until about 11, just throwing up over and over again. And guess what? I'm still going to school today. I really can't miss today, I've got a test in AP english and I'm already behind in Statistics. Plus, a manager from the new Harkins theater being built is coming to the school to recruit employees. I have to be there. I feel like (hjopefully) I have a fairly good chance at getting this job. Of course I've felt that way before.. but none of the other places ever came to a high school to recruit employees. So there.

I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately.. and I've decided that I have few true friends. True friends are the ones who will listen to you when you need to talk and be willing to share, not just need to talk to you all the time and never want to hear you speak. I've been supremely disappointed with some of my friends in that respect lately..

But it's always my female friends. My guy friends never have a problem with that. Interesting, hm? Anyone care to comment on the difference between male and female in this aspect?

Well, I don't.

Ok, I think I'm going to wrap this up now. Maybe drink a little bit of 7Up.. I'm afraid to eat anything because I don't want to throw up again. =\ That's my least favorite thing in the entire world.. yuck.

*hopes for a special phone call tonight*

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I hope you feel better soon, Christina.

Good luck with the recruiting. I'll have to come all the way over to whatever theater you work at to see movies from now on if you get a job, won't I? ;]

Yep, you will.

If I get the job.. cross your fingers! >_<

It's the new Harkins being built on 99th and McDowell.. yeah. =P

So you better see me there soon! *crosses fingers*

I know what you mean. I have very few good girl friends based on the fact that the majority of the one's that I used to consider friends are too shallow and self absorbed to care about how anyone else is doing. Girls are too concerened with the way their hair looks, or if this guy or that guy likes her. UgH! Girls suck. I am really tired of being a girl. (I have cramps...so I'm bitter. :\ )

I'm always here if you need me.

Exactly! Uh! Why are girls so shallow and self absorbed??!


Well, thanks for the comment. Love ya!