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!Holy Moley!

Wowzer, it's been a long time since I've updated this little diddy here! Well, an explanation is to follow, but in the meantime I would like you all to know that I have FINALLY redone my LJ scheme, so it isn't all messed up and poopy anymore. ^_^ Yeah, the whole eyeball thing was an experiment that went very wrong, and I never had the time to fix it once I'd done it. But now, it is fixed. And looks.. normal? Well.. who really knows what normal is anyway?

So where the heck has Christina been? Where do I sart! Mostly in the process of moving. Yes, my family has bought a new, bigger, better, house. Ok, it isn't bigger, and it's older than my other house, but I love it. We have 2 acres, a HUGE patio (lotsa room for a spa, did you say?) and some really great entertaining area. We've already utilized that aspect of the house - last Saturday. Our Pastor was leaving and we had a goodbye/thank you party for him here at our house. It was all in the backyard, we had a big fat barbecue and a bonfire. Me, Alan, Jake, Kristen, Phillip, and Ben all hungout in my room until the food was ready, then we went and chilled (hah.. chilled) by the bonfire.

Did I mention I'm going to marry Alan?

Oh yes. But I'll get to that later.

This is going to be kinda long though... I wonder if I should... yeah.

Ok, and that was a lot of fun and proved our house to be more than adequate for things of this nature. There were about 70 people there, too, so I thought we did pretty well.

On top of moving, however, has been my newly flipflopped schedule! As most of you know, we've had my wonderful niece and nephew spending some time here for the past few weeks. Talk about an upset in my schedule! I don't mind so much, though.

Where I used to get out of school, go to Starbuck's with some friends, come home and laze around, I now get out of school, rush home so I can watch the kids while Glen goes to pick up Mom from work, and usually end up watching them through the evening as my Mom and Glen usually have something to do. Oh, and the weekends you said? Saturday night? HAH! My Saturday nights are spent watching my 2 year old wonderniece and her 1 year old darling brother while my Mom and her husband have social time and whatnot. It's only fair though, since Friday nights are my 'days off.' This Friday night was spent at Alinne's house, though we ended up going to Ben's house. At Ben's house we just lounged and watched Hannibal movies. (All 2 of them!)

Hm.. I think that's about it. Things are a lot less hectic now that we're all moved into the house, but there is an update with my sister!

Yes. Melody, my 19 year old sister and the mother of the niece and nephew currently staying in my home, has recently been married. Yes, the same girl who just lost her boyfriend in a car wreck. I know it's twisted. 3 months after his death, she's met someone new and *BOOM*, they were married. But what can ya do? Love is not a spectator sport. Anyhow, Melody and Ruben (her husband) have decided to move here. Which means they'll be staying in our home until they find jobs and an apartment and whathaveyou. This is fine by me, I think Melody needs to get away from all that is Porterville. Not that Porterville is bad (which it is), or that it's ugly (which it is), but here is just so much.. better.. for her. And of course she'll be going to church, which is never a bad thing!

..Ok, I guess it could be a bad thing under the right circumstances.

Anyhow, speaking of church I will now talk about Alan.

Our friendship has grown so much! Lately we've been spending a lot of time together and I can really feel us getting closer. We tell eachother everything, which is awesome, because I've never been able to talk with someone else about.. things.. especially my past.. before, and I can with him. Oh, well I could talk about those things with one person before..

But yeah. We all know how that goes.

Anyway, I think I know what God wants to have happen (it could just be me. Who knows). He wants us to fall in love, sure, and have a relationship, but not yet. When I pray about Alan, I can sense God saying 'not yet.' Not no, just not yet. So I have a feeling him and I will be completely oblivious to one another (in that sense) until we're.. like 20 or something. You know what I mean? Hah! Probably not. I'm a strange one, my apologies.

I don't really know what else to update on.. grades go out this week.. I've got 5 A's and a B, but because of my Advanced Placement classes, my GPA remains at a steady 4.25. (Phew). Despite how well I do in high school, I'm still going to Community College before I hit University lane. Mostly for the $$$ aspect, but also for the experience. Testing the water before jumping in, so to speak. My plan is Estrella Mountain Community College for 2 years to get the basic stuff out of the way, then ASU West to get my Bachelor's degree in Special Education. Then, after I get my teaching certificate and begin teaching, I'll go back to school and get my Master's. Eventually instead of teaching Special Education I'd like to work at a center or a "group home" for mentally disabled kids whose parents can't take care of them.

But we'll see. It's all up to God.

And His will is my will, in Jesus name! :-p

By the way, reader, Jesus Loves YOU!

I know, I know. Christina the Cheezball Jesus freak. What can I say? I've been bathed in the holy spirit and won't be coming down from this spiritual high!

Har. I'm a holy roller. ;)

There's this song.. everytime I hear it I fall in love with the Lord all over again. It's called "Day At The Beach," by Anthem. But since Anthem is a local band, none of you have probably ever heard it. And they've only toured so far here in AZ, New Mexico, Nevada and Cali as far as I know. But it's awesome.

Praise Jesus!


Ok, ok, I'm done. You can go now. Most of you have probably quit reading this by now because HoLY CRaP it got long!

Whoops. :-p This is what happens when I don't update for long periods of time.

Oh well.

You all behave now.

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